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Cotton Yarn

Yarn made out of Staple fiber is known as Spun Yarn, because the staple fibers should undergo number of process stages so that a yarn can be made out of them.

The yarn which is made form short staple  are called Carded yarn. Mainly the the name card come from a machine of spinning section. Carding is an operation , that occurred in spinning section. The yarn which is formed by carding operation is called carded yarn.This types of yarns are – Low cost Harder hand fillings.

NameCount RangeApplicationNo. Ply
Carded cotton yarnNE20/1 TO NE60/1WEAVING / KNITTING1 ply and 2 ply


The yarn which is made from finest and longer fiber we called combed yarn. In the combing operation, fibers shorter than length of fibers or certain fixed percentage of short fibers are removed. Since the shorter cotton fibers are generally coarser, removing the shorter fibers leaves behind fibers which are relatively finer. Hence, fabric made from combed cotton fibers has a very soft touch. Combing involves additional processing step and also certain amount of fibers are removed as waste. Hence, combed   cotton  is more expensive than conventional  carded cotton.

NameCount RangeApplicationNo. Ply
Combed cotton yarnNE20/1 TO NE120/1WEAVING / KNITTING1 ply and 2 ply

The compact spinning is a process where fiber strand drawn by drafting system is condensed before twisting it.The most important requirement for perfect compact yarn is complete parallel arrangement of fibers and close position before twist is imparted. As maximum number of fibers are integrated into yarn body during spinning, so better utilization of fibers

NameCount RangeApplicationNo. Ply
Combed compact yarnNE30/1 TO NE 60/1WEAVING / KNITTING1 ply and 2 ply


OE type means Open End Yarn. In textile there are many ways to spun the yarn. Two most widely used yarns called Open End & Ring Spun.

Open end yarn is produced using Auto Coro (rotor) machines. Mostly to produce coarse yarns from count range 4s Ne to 30s Ne.

The name open end is self explanatory, one end of yarn is free hold in the center of rotor which is revolving at a speed of 75000 rpm to 150000 rpm (depending on machine & count spun) this end also rotating which accumulates the fiber from the rotor groove.

NameCount RangeApplicationNo. Ply
Open end cotton yarnNE6/1 TO NE24/1WEAVING/KNITTING1 ply and 2 ply

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